living a healthy life

be healthy be happy


Here are some ways on living a healthy life

Here are some ways you can live a healthy life by quitting smoking which involves resting, your body.Why it is important to quit smoking? Well if you're stressed don't smoke it is bad for your health also if your concerned about your weight you should not smoke.If you care about your life stop smoking! Why is it important to sleep? well when you sleep your body repairs itself. If you can't sleep then remove all electronics, tv's and phones also avoid large meals before bedtime. video games and heavy studying should end in the evening. How much sleep do we need ? well we need minimum 9 hours.Exercise is also important because your body needs to be fit. To be fit you can play sports run or ride bike.

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Four Rules for a Healthy Lifestyle, animated for Harvard Medical School

What Is Nutrition

Nutrition is the study of nutrients in our body.


Here are some facts about nutrition! We need different types of foods to give nutrition for a better health. A baby that is 12 months or younger should not drink cows milk,they should drink their moms milk. Any type of nutrition gives you vitamins. A healthy diet provides all the nutrition that your body needs. Your body is 75% water and that's why you need 8 glasses of water each day. Protein is an important nutrient for your health. Did you know that cholesterol is a type of fat our bodies make. Nutritions help your body grow and develop. Did you know that nutrients give your body energy. These were some facts about how nutrients are good for your health!

What are Food Additives

Food additives are substances added to your food so it lasts longer and tastes better. some additives have been used for centuries like pickling with vinegar or salting with bacon.

Food Additives

There are a lot of restaurants and big corporations that sell processed food for example Pizza Hut, McDonald's and Burger King. Here are some ways that you can be aware about whats in your food. Firstly, cook from scratch so you can be aware about what's going in your stomach.There are a lot of additives like acid which is used to make flavors sharper. Food colors which makes foods and drinks look better. Lastly, another food additive is preservation which prevents food from spoiling
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