Edition #9-October 19, 2015

Calendar Items


  • MGSD Elementary Beginning Teacher Meeting at EMIS from 3:30-4:30.
  • PTSO meeting from 6:30-7:30 in Reading Room.


  • Tech. Visitors in the morning. DRESS Professional!
  • Chick-Fil-A Night from 5-8...Please advertise!!!


  • Bus Driver Appreciation Day
  • Staff Appreciation Luncheon
  • Staff Meeting from 3:30-4:30 for all Teachers and interested Staff...Susan Brown Read Naturally PD.
  • Principal Team from 3-6pm at MIS.


  • Honoring of Kevin at MHS football game.

Upcoming Events:

  • Fall Fair on Wednesday October 28th from 5-8.
  • EOQ assessments 27th and 28th.
  • End of Quarter October 29th.
  • Oct. 29th is SOM Trip.
  • Oct. 30th and Nov. 2nd are Optional Workdays.


WOW I am overwhelmed with your generosity and creativity on Boss Day's. Thanks for the gift, plant, lunch, card, and the wonderful poem. Mrs. Robinson and I love how gracious everyone is here! #littlethingsmakeahugedifference
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EYES on the Prize!!!

At least 90% of all students will demonstrate grade level proficiency in reading and exceed expected growth in reading.

At least 95% of all students will demonstrate grade level proficiency in math.

At least 90% of all students will demonstrate grade level proficiency in writing.

Utilize the MTSS problem-solving process to support collaboration between teachers, students, parents, and administration.

The achievement gap for students in AMO subgroups will be 10% or less.

Reduce bus discipline referrals by 10%.

Fall Fair Pumpkins

Teachers please remember to have your class decorate a pumpkin for the Fall Fair Pumpkin Patch Contest! I can't wait to experience this South Tradition!!!


Please welcome Stacy Mills (South Grad!!!) to our Family officially. She will be our custodian from 2-7:30pm. Her main duties will be on the K hall. She has been with us for a while now but these hours are now official.

Staff Meeting Wednesday

Wednesday’s staff meeting is for all teachers. Ms. Susan Brown will go over the Read Naturally Program.

School Bus Safety & Driver Appreciation Week

A bus safety tip will be announced every day during morning announcements.

Also, on October 21st is Bus Driver/Monitor Appreciation Day, if you have not done so already please have your bus riders write thank you notes to their driver. You can give notes to Donna by Tuesday. Our South Drivers...

Bus 305: Rachel Benefield

Bus 22: Kellie Hovelson

Bus 111: Terrie Hoke

Bus 158: Angel Tomlin

Bus 325: Sylvia Young

Bus 66: Wayne Benefield

Bus 240: Kim Rumbough


Please help Margaret Rollins with our best Yearbook yet... Whether you choose to upload the photos to my photo in Google Drive or email them to her, she must have them in large format. If you are sending from your phone, it will ask if you want to send as a small, medium, or large attachment. Larger attachments are harder to send, but this must be the format in order for her to use them in the yearbook.

EVAAS Teacher Reports

Latest update from state says we should have this data by February. The state really wants all teachers and schools to have accurate data on the first release hence the delay.

Walkthroughs and Observations


Have begun and will be conducted by Robinson, Pollock, Overcash, Hill, Conley, and Cottone on a weekly basis. Teacher's will receive an e-mail with the data recorded during the 5 minute walkthrough. The goal of these walkthroughs is to monitor what we desire in all classrooms...i.e. Balanced literacy, high level questioning, student engagement, math manipulative use, i-can statements, student goal tracking, instructional assistant with students, and digital resources that cross the line. 5 minutes does not show everything thus the reason to collect data over time.


This is the best part of my job. I have been the witness to student learning in each observation I have completed. First round of observations will be complete by end of October. #veryimpressive

Food Drive coming...

The time for our annual School Communities

Food Drive to benefit the

Mooresville - Lake Norman Christian Mission

is upon us again!

We will begin in November...Remember the donations we get will end up helping our VERY own South Stars in need!!!

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Happy Holidays from...

Happy Holidays...Who has a Christmas Tree up right now? Whoever it is is late to take down or early to put up. South Staff you decide and give this person the appropriate comments!