7th Grade Year

Larallye Lopez


Mrs. Palmer is an awesome reading and dyslexia teacher. She has lessons for her dyslexic students, and she helps them in any way she can. For her students that graduated the program she reads books to them chapter by chapter, and then the students answer questions about the chapter.


Ms.Hand is an amazing science teacher. She goes many different topics, and before she goes to a different topic she test her students to make sure they know the topic. With technique she is able to get through all the lessons, and at the end of the year she has enough time to have her students do a science fair project.

Math-Coach Soliz

Couch Soliz is an unique math teacher because he shows his students many different ways to do a lesson. Even if his students still don't under stand he will show them over and over until they under stand, and he will help his students by giving them more practice.

History-Coach Torrez

Coach Torrez is energetic teacher. He tries to connect to the students. So when they have a problem with a lesson he can explain it by comparing it to a sport or a game the student likes. Also, he does a few lessons then he tests his students to know if they are ready to move on.

Language Arts-Mrs.Marshall

Mrs.Marshall is kind-hearted teacher. She rarely raises her voice, and when she does it's her reading a rough draft. She shows her students how to plan their story than she shows them how to edit and write a final copy. She also teaches comma rules, vocab etc.


Mrs.Jones is skillful, talented, and funny technology teacher. She shows her students how to work computer applications, and she shows her students new things every day. She does not favorite students she treats all students equal. Also she keeps everything real she does not allow students to act younger than they are. She teaches students to act mature and be confident to ask any questions they have.

Athletics-Coach Elam, Couch Carpenter, Couch King

All the coaches are supportive. They are tough but they are like that to teach their students to be tough. They teach sports, but they also teach life skills. For example, in life not every thing is going to be easy to achieve you are going to have to work for it. And they will brag on a student to try to inspire another student to work harder and give there very best.

Band-Mrs. Wisgerber

Mrs. Wisgerber is enthusiastic, and fair person because she can picks up everyone's mood after a hard or long day. Also gives students voices she does not let every one choice a piece of music and leaves out one person. She ask students about their opinion about the music. She also tries to find fun music not, and she pushes us to do our best.