Elisabet Ney

Famous texan (since 1900)

Elisabet Ney's beginning

Elisabet Ney was born in Munster,Westphalia,Germany on January 26,1833. Even at a young age she had expression sculpting of cource with her father. She ended up being the first women sculpture to be accepted in to the Munich Art Academy. Her hard work was surely recognized and, she was given the permission to sculpt some famous men.

Elisabet Ney's personal life

In the year of 1863 Elisabet meant her husband Edmund Montgomery. Edmund was a physician, scientist and philosopher. They later got married, but Elisabet decided to keep her maiden name. About 8 year later in 1871 they immigrated to America. There they bought a home cotton plantation near Hempstead,texas.

Elisabet Ney's final years

After about 20 years, Elisabet decided to resume her career as a sculptress in 1892. After that Elisabet was commissioned to model her Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin in the World's Fair.She made 1,000 sculptures.Most of these are display today in Formosa, which is now use for her memorial for Elisabet Ney's death in 1907, About 4 year later Edmund Montgomery died at Liendo Plantation in 1911.
Elisabet Ney Museum, Austin Tx