Rossetti's Weekly News!

August 31st - Friday September 4th

Week 4!

  • Woooohooo! It is Friday! This week has been yet another fantastic and busy week at Jackson Elementary school in 5th grade. Rossetti Spaghetti did a fantastic job in the Boosterthon fundraiser for receiving pledges and participating in the Fun Run. Below is a picture of our class after the fun run. (Running 35 laps + is shown through their tired faces) However, they had a BLAST!
  • I will be sending home a science study guide tonight in preparation for your child's cells test next Friday (11th) if they would like to start working through the study guide this weekend.
  • Next week we will have our second payday and auction! If you would like to donate any items to our class auction, the students would love them! Any little small treats and supplies are greatly appreciated by me and the students! :)
  • Parent Teacher conferences will be starting up soon! I will have a slots after school open Monday 9/21, Wednesday 9/23, and Thursday 9/24. Please go to to sign up.
  • Go to parent login on the left sidebar.
  • Type in the following code: QS9199257

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend with your family!

Upcoming Grades!

  • Thursday 9 /10: Cold Read - 1st Test Grade
  • Friday 9/11: Dict, Scrib, Scribt Word Study - DG
  • Friday 9/11: Cells Test
  • Friday 9/11: Narrative Writing due (working on in class throughout the past two weeks) - worth a test grade

Weekly Learning Targets

Word Study
  • I can use Greek and Latin words to determine the meaning of an unknown word.


  • I can understand a text by using comprehension strategies.


  • I can produce a narrative story that contains all major literary elements within a plot


  • I can Divide whole numbers up to three digit numbers


  • I can compare and contrast prokaryote and eukaryote
  • I can compare and contrast plant and animal cells

Social Studies

  • I can understand the causes of the Civil War and differences of the North and South