The Resource Room

Mrs. Broussard's Expectations

Be respectful.

Respect yourselves, your classmates, adults and our materials. Use positive words, make people feel welcome here, help us maintain our equipment and materials; do not destroy things.

Enter the room quietly, pick up your folder and have a seat before the tardy bell.

Remember, be respectful and keep your hands to yourselves while getting your folder, be patient while you wait for the person in front of you to get their folder. Please sit with the group unless I tell you to sit somewhere else. If you are tardy, you have to go to the attendance office.

Participate in the lesson.

Be involved, read, ask questions, answer questions, listen and respond to your classmates. You will earn points for this. You will lose points for not participating.


When I say this, I need everyone to stop talking and pay attention to me. You will earn points for following this procedure.

When the lesson is complete, place your folder back in the hanging folder with your name. Check for any tests that need to be finished, work on other class work.

Following proper procedure will help you earn points. You will lose points if you do not follow proper procedure.

When you use a computer, you must sign in and use the computer properly.

There is a sign-in sheet next to each computer. Sign in and get points for following proper procedure. If you misuse the computer, you may lose the privilege of being able to use our computers.

Fire Drill Procedure- Stay with our class in a single file line.

This is a safety issue. No wandering to another classes line. If you stay with my class, I will not point out that you are with me and no one will notice. If I need to hunt you down, it will become obvious that you are with me. Please do not make me embarrass you!

When the lesson is complete, place your folder back where you found it.