By: Faith Kiwayiele


Did you ever know in the 1900 there where only eight crayons in a crayon box?Have you ever wondered how crayons are made? Well if so, here's the story!


Crayons start from bees. Beeswax! A farmer collects lots of pounds of beeswax and sends it off to the factory.


First ingredients are mixed in very hot liquid's. Next the three primary colors are mixed to make beautiful colors.Then the colored wax is poured into molds.After the crayons are harden they get labeld. Finally the sorter sorts them into boxes, and are sent to wholesalers.


My final product is Crayons. I think people buy crayons to color things.Crayons are super fun to use!

Fun Facts

Crayon lables come in more than eleven languges. It takes less than ten minutes to make a crayon.


So now you know how a crayon starts from the farm and ends up at the store for you!