A Trip To Brazil

Planned by The Morris Travel Agency

Things You Should Know About Brazil

Brazil is a wonderful country with amazing sights and eats. It has its own currency, too: Brazilians Real (BRL). One U.S. Dollar is the equivalent to Four Brazilian Real ($1 = R$4). TIP: You should always keep your belongings close when traveling to Brazil, just in case! There are a few documents you should have when you enter this beautiful country: A valid passport (required); a blank page in your passport (so they can put an entry stamp on it); a Tourist Visa (required). While entering and exiting the country, amounts (of money) in excess of 10,00 Brazilian Real must be declared to customs. There are many languages spoken in Brazil, but the official language of this amazing country is Portuguese. Another common language is Spanish. Some natural attractions in Brazil include the following: The Amazon Jungle, the Amazon River, the many other rainforests located in the country, the extensive beaches and bays located here, and also the many unique and amazing plants and animal species that are local to Brazil and its hot & humid climate. Another interesting fact about Brazil is that over 200 million people live there! Now that you know the basics of the beautiful country of Brazil, let's talk a little about the trip that you may want to take!

(Pictures of Brazil are show below)

About The Morris Travel Agency

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