KMS Staff Meeting November 5, 2013

Meeting to Learn

Choose Your Session!

This year, staff meetings are less about meeting and more about learning. KMS staff members will be facilitating sessions that are relevant and engaging. Please review the offerings below and select the session that most appeals to you and your professional goals. Please submit the form at the bottom to allow the facilitators to plan according to their group size.

Teaching EC and ESL Together

Do you face teaching EC and ESL students in the same class? What are some practical modifications that you can make to meet the needs of these students? What types of modifications work for BOTH populations? Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Teague will help you answer these questions.

Crucial Conversations

Mr. Christian will provide tools to prepare for high stakes conversations, transform anger and hurt feelings into powerful dialogue, and create safe environments to talk.

An Informal Conversation About Grading

Mrs. Wolford will facilitate a structured but informal conversation about grading based on issues you'd like to discuss. Possible topics: grading overload, grading homework, high failure rates, what to grade. Prepare to bring questions and to be asked questions! Your methods, expertise, and curiosity are welcome.

Using Twitter as a Professional Resource

Did you know that thousands of teachers from every content area are on twitter daily sharing resources, asking questions, and chatting about teaching? In this session, designed for teachers of any twitter experience level, we'll learn about how to navigate the twitterverse and how to find, connect with, and tweet into conversations relevant to our teaching interests. Expand your knowledge of social media and your professional learning network with Mr. Fulton!

Discovery Education

Learn, or be reminded of, the array of resources available through Discovery Education. A huge library of video resources to support your curriculum. Quiz builder, which enables you to create online quizzes for your students. Lesson plans, curriculum center, and more. Mrs. Smith will show you how to log in, how to find and save resources, and how to use them in the classroom.

iPads: Apps 101 and Evernote

Mrs. Britt and Mrs. Braswell will begin with Apps 101 as a resource and review basic iPad use for organization and classroom use and then move into Evernote.

Evernote: because you can’t afford to forget.

You’re a teacher. Your days are filled with a bit of everything. You need an App that will keep everything in one place. Enter Evernote. While technology is changing, Evernote can be used by everyone, with everyone, for everything across many devices.

Join us for an exploration into Evernote. One App for everything in your day.

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