Thanking Machine Ad (TD Bank)

TD Bank Makes ATM Give gifts to customers!

Thanking Machine

Td Bank made an ad that turned their ATM's into Automatic Thanking Machines to give back to their customers. They recorded a few customers reacting to gifts the new ATM. The customers got gifts such as; $100, a trip to Disney with their children, $1000 RSP for customers kids+piggy bank, jays t-shirt and they got to throw first pitch at jays game,a cell phone, a tablet , tickets to Trinidad , flowers and more.-sabrina

Our opinons :) -sabrina

My opionon on the ad

This ad is really great, it shows that the bank was so grateful to all there customers that have been with them so long they wanted to thank them. These people got a really great surprise for being loyal customers to their bank. TD bank did a great thing but why did they think about it? did they just do it for publicity? or did they do it out of generosity?. Those are questions that we all are probably thinking. Even if it was for publicity or not TD made those customers days better. Just look at the smile that boy has!-Sabrina

Taylors opionon on the ad

Sometimes you just want to say thank you #TDThanksYou

Watch the ad ^ -sabrina

Questions we have on the ad-sabrina

?:Why did they decided to make the ad?-Sabrina

!: they did it to thank their customers-Sabrina

?:did they do it for publicity?-Sabrina

!: maybe they did, it would make sense that they did make it for publicity because they turned it into a ad and they maybe TD thought people would say "oh that's nice I want a free gift" and join their bank-Sabrina