Nuclear Fusion

By: Paige Tolentino


Hello this is Paige Tolentino on December 15th coming to you with a new discovery. Everyone has been wondering "What powers the sun anyways?". Well the answer to that is Nuclear Fusion. Now can we use this energy in our daily lives. The Answer is yes. My team and I have been experimenting this for a long time now.
So what is Nuclear Fusion anyways? It is the process the sun creates energy. That is the conversion of hydrogen to helium. This process could be the answer to Earth's environmental problems.

Safety Concerns

The Nuclear fusion process involves neutrons. Because of this there are safety concerns about radioactivity, which can cause cancer.


Nuclear Fusion mimics the reactions that occur in the sun to create safe, clean nuclear energy. This invention does not produce nuclear waste as well, so it seems like the perfect solution to the Earth's problems.