Lesson Planning

ESC 18: District Support Day, Round 1


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Here's what to expect today:

  • Lesson Plan Discussion with Non-Negotiables Review
  • Higher Level Thinking Questions Discussion
  • Plan some lessons!

Check in with Lesson Planning...

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Putting it into Plan: Teaching the Whole Cookie

  • Listen, Speak, Read, Write
  • Writing Focus: Student Friendly Rubrics

Here's our Google Doc of notes today; add to them! goo.gl/fKSaB9

TEKS Resource System


To note:

  • YAG (Year at a Glance)

  • IFD (Instructional Focus Document)

  • VAD (Vertical Alignment Document)

  • Performance Assessments

TEA: All things STAAR and EOC

  • Find released tests here
  • Find all things writing (rubrics, sample comp boxes, student samples, etc.) here
  • Sample online test practice (Pearson) here

For Planning:

  • Depth of Knowledge Chart (click here)
  • Bloom's Planning Guide Chart (click here)
  • Padagogy Wheel: technology integration (click here)

Reminder: Face to Face Training Round 1

Here's the link to Face to Face Training, Round 1: go.esc18.net/RDIelar1

Looking for Tech Extensions?

Check out High Tech Verbs to find extensions, tools, and apps to correspond with your planned objectives: hightechverbs.wikispaces.com

Thanks for today!

Please provide us with some feedback and suggestions for next time! go.esc18.net/kilefeedback

Laura Kile

Don't hesitate to contact me with follow up questions, requests for resources, and to share the great things that are happening in your classes!