West Afghanistan


We are located on the West Side of Afghanistan ..

How did you originate?

We was discovered by North Afghanistan ..

Type of Economy ?

We are Market..

Type of Government ?

We are Dictatorship .

Language ?


Population ?

5.2 million

National Anthem ?

Lil Durk - this case

Claim To Fame

We Have The Most Expensive Weapons Research Lab .

National animal

Great Deng


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What Do You Trade ?

Weapons, Clothing , Food

Who are some of your trading partners ?

United States Of America, China, North Korea, Great Britain , Russia

Membership in the U.N. ?


List Atleast 10 Laws

You cannot Murder.

You cannot steal.

You cannot commit robbery on anyone in the country.

You cannot commit forgery.

You cannot steal any vehicles.

You cannot steal someone elses quotes.

You cannot sell drugs in my country.

You cannot attempt to murder someone.

People from other countries are not allowed in this country.

You cant prostitute .

List 3 current events

1. Isis is still being difficult overseas .

2. The citizens are protesting because they are not being treated fairly.

3. Afghanistan are trading weapons with Russia.