Fusion Kids Co-Op

May 2016 Newsletter

This Month At Fusion Kids Co-Op

This will be another exciting month at the Co-op, we will learn about the Medieval time period.

In the blue room we will learn about this time period through very classic novels like The Three Musketeers, Robin hood, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and Beowulf.The children will have their own books to follow along as we read, learning to read left to right and up to down. They will practice their listen skills and deciphering real from make believe. We will continue to practice our letters and writing in our prince and princess diaries.

In the green room we are learning about the way people lived back then. The first week well will look at the way children lived and the games and toys they played. The second week we will learn about peasants, knights and noblemen. The third week we will learn all about castles and the fourth week we will learn about and prepare medieval cuisine. We will be working with and learning about money. We will also continue to work with our shapes, numbers and math.

In the red room we be learning about and making clothing, jewelry and accessories for week one. Heraldry and tournaments for week two. Dragons for week three and Wizards and magic for the fourth week. We will continue to work on our colors.

Renaissance Faire - Friday, May 27

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The last day of school will be our ren faire, we will have booths and activities for the kids as well as a feast prepared by the kids, a play performed by the kids, a magic show and a tournament. I will be asking all families to participate in this day if possible. The booths will be candle maker, blacksmith, woodworking, pottery, food, crown and headdress and trinket store. Activities will include King Arthur's Joust in the bounce house, Three musketeers obstacle course, Target practice in sherwood forest and pin the tale on the dragon for beowulf. If you have a preference or and idea for this event please let me know right away.

Thank You... from Miss Courtney

I wanted to thank all of our families for a wonderful first year! I have loved teaching each one of your children. I feel like we have become a family here and that is what I was hoping for when we started our adventure this year.I will truly miss our three graduating students Ella, Sophie and Madison. I hope to see all of the rest of you next school year. Keep up with the parents page for events that may happen over the summer and any school updates.

I also want to thank everyone who help with teacher appreciation week, I have been touched by how much you all care.

Graduation & End of Year Celebration - May 26 @ 4pm

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