Career Unit

By Mariah Davis

Future me

10 years form now I see myself either being in the WNBA or a pharmacist or a realistate agent. I plan on being straight out of college. I will live in a one bed room apartment in Texas. The reason I want to be so successful so by the time I have kids I don't want them to have a bad life. They would have a good life. The reason I want to be in the WNBA is because I love basketball and I want to do something I really love. I would tell my kids that they can be anything they want. Anyone can put their mind to something if they want to.

Personality test

I have the color orange. Orange means that you are fun and crazy and always have to have excitement.


  • Realistic 9
  • Investigative 6
  • Artistic 17
  • Social 21
  • Enterprising 24
  • Conventional 8
People with enterprising interests like work that has to do with starting up or carrying out business projects. These people like taking action rather than thinking about things.

They like:

  • Persuading and leading people
  • Making decisions
  • Taking risks for profits

Expository essay

The personality test said I am a orange. Orange means that I need fun and excitement. I think that is true it's just that I like to have fun I can't just sit there and be bored. I consider it just fine to me. I like work that has to do with sports or exciting business.

My jobs are alright. I like some of them like interior designer, models, actrees. Those are the best jobs they have. Some of my them have same rutile everyday but I can deal with it because it would be fun. I like to be outside and inside so it doesn't matter. Some of them allow my creativity so I'm okay with that.

I think that these jobs do not match me at all. I can work with them but I don't want to. I don't think I got the right personality either. I can be calm too not just hyper and fun.

Career choices

  • Hairdresser, hairstylist,&cometologist
  • Actress
  • Coreographers
  • Training & devolpment management
  • Interior designer
  • Models
  • Public adress system & other announcers
  • Tour guide & escorts
  • Radio & television announcers
  • Agents basic & secondary education & literacy teachers & instructures
My job choices are human resources managers, training & development managers, actress.

My first choice is where we plan,direct, or coordinate human resources activites and staff of an organization. The second choice is the same as my first choice. My third choice is to play parts in stage, television, radio, video, motion picture products. or other settings for entertainment, information or instructions.

Why i picked choice one

I choose choice one because I would be able to pick that job if basketball doesn't work out and I would still make a lot of money. I could like it if I wanted to. It's a good job and it makes good money. This job looks very interesting.

College choices

My choices are agricultural and mechanical college of Texas, university of Georgia, university. My choice Texas A&M because that is a good school. It also has the things I want to major in. This college is close to my family and if I decide to stay off campus I could go stay with my uncle in college station. This college was also the cheapest.

Texas reality check

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I am going to make enough money to pay off my college. When I get done with college and i will have to pay the college funds I would have enough money because I will be making 102,780 per year. My monthly expenses will fit in to it because I will be able to afford it.