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August 2023

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Member Spotlight

Frances L. Gonzalez-Garcia - Trinity Elite Education & Company: Executive Director/Literacy Consultant

What is your literacy vision?

My vision is to help support schools and communities cultivate a passion for literacy. This involves creating literacy-rich atmospheres that ensure fairness, inclusivity, accessibility, and equal opportunities for readers of all ages and backgrounds. Moreover, it requires working with all stakeholders to develop literacy initiatives that positively impact readers’ lives and promote welcoming, accommodating environments that acknowledge, appreciate, and celebrate diversity.

In what ways are you looking forward to being involved in TALE?

I am enthusiastic about contributing to TALE's continuous efforts. My contributions may include conducting engaging and relevant professional learning sessions at annual conferences and utilizing other platforms to assist my fellow members in creating diverse and inclusive book collections that encourage identity and literacy development.

What is something in your life you are most proud of?

As cliché as it may sound- my family. But aside from my family, I also take much pride in my literacy family!

I am incredibly proud to support educators, literacy leaders, and stakeholders nationally and internationally in literacy. I firmly believe that fostering a love for literacy, promoting inclusive literature, and implementing best practices rooted in research are crucial aspects of this field. To this end, I also take great pride in my online community, which serves as a collaborative space for readers to share their voices, for educators and literacy leaders to work together collectively, and for us to celebrate books by a diverse range of authors that deserve to be seen and heard. Above all, we strive to connect countless readers with books that bring them joy.

What words of advice would you offer to other literacy leaders?

Connect! Here are three tips that have helped me along the way.

1) Connect with others! Surround yourself with a network of literacy champions who advocate for literacy, are keen to collaborate, and constantly strive to learn. By partnering with local/state affiliates such as TALE, ILA, and NCTE, you’ll not only benefit from expanding your own professional network, but you’ll also gain access to a wealth of valuable resources.

2) Connect with literature! Aim to deepen your own understanding of literacy as a professional. This can be achieved by reading research-based literature, action-based literacy articles, professional books, briefs, etc. Strive to connect others with these helpful resources, as you will quickly find that you will grow as a leader by growing others.

3) Connect with yourself! It’s important to carve out time for self-care with some "self-care". Beyond professional reading, you should venture into the realms of books that foster YOUR love of literacy as a reader. Consider joining a book club or creating a space to socialize around your reading interests. Keep these spaces fluid, interactive, and inviting. Reading with others is a great way to gain insights into yourself and learn more about your own interests.

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2023 TALE Yearbook: Houston, We Have Literacy!

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Call for Future TJLE Manuscript Submissions

Publishing Date: Fall 2023 (Tentative publishing date: November 15th)

Topic: Open Submissions (A variety of literacy topics are welcomed--particularly those relevant to issues related to Texas literacy education)

Submissions Due: September 15, 2023


Publishing Date: Spring 2024 (Tentative publishing date: April 15th)

Topic: Literacy Coaching and Professional Development in Education

Submissions Due: February 15, 2024

Jack Cassidy Scholarship due by November 1, 2023

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Membership Committee

Membership is $10 annually. Please encourage your colleagues to join TALE! If you have your account set up to auto-renew with your credit card, please be sure to update your account when your card expires. Your account can be accessed at texasreaders.org under the "Members" tab. If you are renewing your membership, please use the "Members" tab, not the "Join" tab as that is for new members.

Advocacy Committee

Nominate a Literacy Leader Today!

Sunday, Oct. 1st, 4pm to Monday, Dec. 25th, 11pm

This is an online event.

Do you work with someone who is a literacy leader? If so, please consider nominating them today!

The Advocacy Development Committee gives two Leadership in Literacy Awards each year, presented at our annual conference.

Click on the link to nominate someone:

PK-12 Classroom Educator Leadership in Literacy Award

Non-Classroom Leadership in Literacy Award

Community Involvement

Be a part of the Texas Book Festival in Austin on Nov. 11 - 12! To get more information you can send an email to tale.community@texasreaders.org.

Education Empowerment

Our committee will have our first meeting on October 2nd at 7:00 pm.

Are you interested in joining the Educator Empowerment Committee? Or, do you have suggestions for topics to focus on during the webinars or recommended books to use during our book clubs? Let us know by emailing tale.empowerment@texasreaders.org

Local/SICs Councils Committee

Looking for a way to demonstrate your leadership skills in your community? Why not start a local or special interest council in your area? The purpose of local and special interest councils is to collaborate with colleagues, gain connections, and contribute voices and expertise to the global literacy movement. For more information email talelocalcouncils@texasreaders.org.

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