Starling's Summary

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The week ahead... February 8-12

Student Council Carnation Sales begin - for real this time

Monday, February 8 - Happy Chinese New Year!!


Tuesday, February 9 - Happy Mardi Gras!!

Biometric screenings in PLC room

SDC committee mtg


Wednesday, February 10 - Ash Wednesday

Above and Beyond Committee mtg

Library Late Day


Thursday, February 11 -

Team Leader mtg


Friday, February 12 - Lincoln's Bday


Coming up next week....Monday, February 15/President's Day - Staff Development Day - TELPAS training


Our carnation sale begins now!

2. Each flower is $1.00.

3. Each classroom has a large envelope for tickets and a small envelope for $$$.

4. Envelopes will be picked up each day.

5. Sales will end Wednesday or after 1000 flowers are sold.

6. Red cards should be filled out ONE CARD PER PERSON RECEIVING THE FLOWERS. For example, if you buy 5 flowers for “mom”, you will completely fill out one red card and write “5” in the top right hand corner.

Amazing Story

Mission for the week - for students and staff

Students - When something doesn't go your way in class, at recess or at home, take a breath, chill out, get your head back in to whatever the activity is and move on without making a big deal out of it. Practice taking a deep breath and carrying on.

Staff - Pay attention to students are at recess or classroom game time or working in a group in the classroom, praise students who handled it well when something didn't go their way. This also speaks to sportsmanship.

Thank you for the video Mindy

Carol Dweck: The power of believing that you can improve

Shout Outs and Celebrations

HORN HERO WINNER - Week of Feb. 1-5

It's Mrs. Molina - I guess everyone is happy to see her back!!

A close 2nd were:

Shalonda Powe

Na'Keysha Washington

Cafeteria Team

Horn Hero of the Week Ballot

Scroll down to the staff member you are voting for and click inside the box. Vote for only one person.

Updates and Reminders

Please call in your absence as soon as you know or suspect you may be absent. Our lack of subs has been not only some glitches in the system, but from staff members not entering absences. You must also call or text your supervisor and team leader every time.

Happy Birthday!!!!

Deb Jackson- Feb. 12

Ashley Oldmixon-Feb. 12

Brenda Braziel-Feb. 13

Let me know anything that needs to be added to the calendar, shout outs, reminders, etc