SBAC Announcements

Those little things that aren't actually little...

Helping Our Wifi Work Most Effectively

In order to complete this testing over the next few months, ALL adults and students must turn off their phones and personal devices during the school day during the testing window for the school. The testing window is from March 17-the end of May. Even though specific teams or parts of teams have smaller test windows, we need our wifi to work well for all who are testing. Thank you for your consideration.

* Note- Disconnecting your phone from our WSDPublic wifi means it will access the 3G, 4G, or LTE network of your cell phone provider instead. This may impact data use. Be watchful.

Harbor Gets Underway First!

Tuesday, March 17th, 9am

Central School Dr

Williston, VT

Thanks to Harbor for taking the leap first. They'll lead the way the week of March 16th. Following that Voyager 7/8s, Full 7/8s, and Swift join the party.

New Materials Coming Soon

I'm putting together a test administrator folder for classroom teachers and special educators. All of the scripts you'll need, information about test security, and much more will be in the folder. I plan to get these to you by the end of the day on Friday.
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A Note About Our Devices/Resources

We need to make the most out of all of our resources over the next few months. Here's a list of the carts that will be used to help make the SBAC happen, in addition to what teams have in house:

  • The two library carts
  • The MacCart
  • Part 2's Chromebook cart

These resources will not be available for signing out in the usual fashion. Thank you for your understanding. These carts will be traveling to different teams within the building at various times over the next few months.