Cool Cat Express

September 29-October 3

Principal Brief

The Fundamental Five

The Power Zone- location! location! location! According to Cain, location viewed through the lens of student discipline and classroom management is a relevant and powerful concept. An even more powerful use of the practice is to view it through the lens of instructional delivery. So what does teaching in the power zone really mean? This is when teachers teach or monitor in close proximity to one student, or a small group of students, or the entire classroom full of students. When you are CLOSE to students, on-task behaviors increase, discipline issues decrease and student retention of the content increase. This week- be intentional with where you are and how close you are to students. Close proximity= power zone.

As we continue our journey with framing the lesson, remember to not only post the frame, but to talk about the frame orally with your students. I love how Mrs. Shaddox uses a picture frame to frame the lesson she states orally. What a hook! I also loved hearing how some of you closed your lesson with the lesson frame. This really cemented learning and added focus for your struggling students. Posting questions with your lesson frames adds rigor as well. Let's move beyond posting to really using the frame throughout the lesson.

Lots of Learning this Week!

How will you implement your new learning this week? How are you growing your students as writers? How can you get kids to think more critically? Can you try one new thing in Writer's Workshop this week? Thanks for being intentional when you plan. During PLC's this week, Teddi will be joining us. Please give some thought to how she can support you and bring with you any questions you might have to PLC's. I get to see the difference each one of you makes every day!

Who is your Martha?

This year our Martha's will be our 4th grade writers! Each of you will be assigned a fourth grade student. You will introduce yourself, find time to read their writing and leave positive notes to encourage him/her in the writing process. Your Martha's will be assigned next week as well as instructions given to meet their needs.

Class Facebook Pages

I have enjoyed seeing what your classes are doing on fb and I know our parents do to! Please remember to invite me to join your group.

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Dates for the Week:


Begin ELL Writing Sample (finish sample by Friday)

Wear jeans with your Ranger shirt (Thanks Sunshine!) and enjoy a special treat in the afternoon.


Vertical Writing Team Meeting at 3:00 pm in Room 111- Thanks Cassie for leading!


Team Leader Meeting at 2:55 in PLC room (There will not be a faculty meeting) Please bring team leader binder and the book Soup.


Think College Thursday- Wear your jeans and a college shirt. How will you promote TCT with your students?

PLC's-Teddi will be in PLC's to help guide our literacy discussions.

Grading Committee Meeting - 9:00- Shawna

Attendance Committee Meeting- 3:00-4:00- Misty, Krista, Nancy, Jennifer & Shawna


You may receive up to 5 jeans/early release passes for donating college shirts. One shirt per pass. Please get your jeans/early release pass from Misty. Professional dress otherwise.

Thank you....

I have enjoyed getting to know more about each of you during our PDAS/PPR preconferences. The goals you have set for yourself and for your students are ones that will impact learning and increase student success. I am impressed with your dedication to our students. You accept nothing but the best from yourselves and from your students. You are Wylie greatness!


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Glow Party Success!

Our PTA did a wonderful job organizing our Glow Celebration! The kids had so much fun!! Thanks to all of our staff who attended. The students loved seeing you. Encourage your students and parents to join PTA for $6.50. For the class with the most membership, I will give the classroom teacher one afternoon off. Encourage, encourage, encourage!

Have a Terrific Week Cool Cats!!!!!