My Day Without Technology

Molly Hix


At first, I thought that this was going to be easy. I mean 24 hours without technology, that's a piece of cake. By going 24 hours without technology, I learned that I am constantly using technology and find it difficult to be without it.

My Technology

The technology that I use most throughout the day would be my phone and laptop. I am always on my phone in between classes or I have it in my hand walking to class. Also, I use my laptop for school work and email. I also use my TV at night to watch Netflix.

What I did instead

To start my day off, I met my family at Olive Garden in Wilkesboro for lunch. This was easy to go without technology because I was busy talking and catching up with my family. I really missed playing music on my phone while I was driving to meet them.
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After we ate, I drove back to Boone and spent the rest of the day with my boyfriend. Instead of watching tv or doing something with technology, we played games like Farkle and Phase 10. This was fun, but after awhile we got bored. I found myself wanting to check my phone or play a game on my phone.
To keep myself from getting bored, I cleaned the apartment. I cleaned the bathroom and my bedroom. Also, I did the dishes and laundry. This took awhile to complete, but it was easy to do without technology.

My Emotions

  • Boredom
  • Frustration
  • Stress

My Failures

I didn't make it through the whole 24 hours tech free. I cheated and texted my best friend that goes to another school. We don't get to see each other very much so it was hard for my not to talk to her. Also, my boyfriend did not want to participate with me so he played video games, watched TV, and played music in our room. This was frustrating for me because I had to find my own thing to do. I also had to use my laptop for homework assignments.

Technology in the Classroom

By going 24 hours without technology, I realized that I mainly use technology when I get bored. Kids today are used to using technology at home. I think that it would be difficult not to use technology in the classroom. Technology helps to keep kids interested and engaged in whatever you are doing.