Long Way Gone Chapters 5-8

Infographic By Ben Gann

Internal Characterization

Through the course of most of chapters 5-8, Ishmael was with his friends and brother. They endured what it felt like to starve. They had no food so they were extremely hungry. This led Ishmael to do something he would never of thought to do.. When they were all walking they saw a little boy eating 2 heads of corn, Ishmael steals the boys food.

Historical Connection

One event that you can connect this event to historical content is the first American Economy crash. The crash effected some people so badly, it left them with hardly any money at all. This led some of the American citizens at that time to steal essentials to stay alive, like Ishmael did.

2 Important Vocabulary words

#1: RUF

This acronym means Revolutionary United Front. These people are also know as the rebels.

#2: Cassava

Cassava is a woody shrub that is a staple for many diets for its ability to survive in tropical climates and its starchy content.

2 Conflicts

#1: Man Vs. Self

A man vs. self conflict that happens in chapters 5-8 is when Ishmael steals food from a younger boy. This is a man vs. self conflict because he has to decide weather he steals the food from the little boy to benefit himself, or leave the boy alone and let him enjoy his food.

#2: Man Vs. Nature

A man vs. nature conflict that happens in chapters 5-8 is when Ishmael and his friends are traveling and they do not have that much to eat. This is a man vs. nature conflict because he has to battle his body to live with limited food.