Create by: Angel, Ciara, Jamie, James, Kristina

The Issue

One root cause of cyber-bullying is jealousy. According to the American Society for Positive care of children, bullies are often jealous or frustrated with the person they are bullying.

We will use a social media campaign to build a more accepting community. We will do this by creating the Every1isDifferent hashtag to promote acceptance and respect, and eliminate cyber-bullying.

According to the American Society for the Positive Care of Children, bullies are often jealous or frustrated with the person they are bullying.

90% of people who witness cyber-bullying don't say anything. (

10% of children have attempted to take their own lives due to cyber-bullying. (

To help eliminate cyber-bullying please post a photo using the #Every1isDifferent. If you see cyberbullying tell an adult. Make sure to discourage cyberbullies and do not join in.

Advocacy Project Link

Take Action

How to take action on a:

Personal level: Teach your friends and family about the effects of cyber-bullying

Local level: Join in and get everyone to use the hashtag

State level: Report signs of cyber-bullying

National level: Use the #Every1isDifferent

What We Learned

"I learned how to be an advocate in my community." -James

"I learned the definition of civics" -Jamie

'I learned that Cyber-bullying has a lot of problems & effects." -Ciara

"I learned the definition of advocacy; Supporting a cause or policy publicly." - Kristina

"I learned to make sure that I'm using credible source on the internet. " -Angel

About Us

Civics Group 5

Group Members: Angel, James, Ciara, Kristina, Jamie.

We chose to research cyber-bullying because we are all aware of the amount of cyber-bullying that goes on in our community.

Fun Fact: We all have feelings.