C-A April Tech Infogram

Spring into Authentic Learning and Assessments!!

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C-A CSD 8th in the Nation as Digital School Using Cutting Edge Technology!

Congratulations to everyone in the district on this honor! Without the hard work and dedication of all of the faculty, staff, students, families, and community this would not be possible!

Read the story here!

It's NOT a Technology Initiative, It's a Teaching and Learning Initiative!

C-A Teachers and Leaders continued their Apple training in Lake George this past March. We had the opportunity to collaborate with each other and other districts using iPads on What is Innovative Teaching and Learning.

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April PLP Time


4/13- eSchool Data and Eduview Datadashboard Refreshers (MS Library)

4/20- Website Help (MS Library)

4/27- Tech Drop in- learn to lightspeed and more about your laptop! (MS Library)


4/13- Appy Hour

4/20- Website Help

4/27- Tech Drop in- learn to lightspeed and more about your laptop


4/13- Website help, eschool data refreshers, data dashboard refreshers

4/20- Appy Hour

Make sure you are completing your PLP Time form!

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HS Google Form

CE Google Form

EJA Google Form

Want to facilitate a tech Monday PLP, have some feedback for us?

Tell us here!

Featured Free App: Post-It Plus

Post-It Plus allows you to take pictures of anything with edges (doesn't necessarily have to be actual post its) and save it, export it to excel, etc.

Free Online Google Traning

Friday, May 8th, 9pm to Saturday, May 9th, 11pm

Wherever you want to do it!

Register by clicking HERE

Very Powerful Ted Talk!

Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame

Google Apps Sharing Tip of the Month

Did you receive a mail delivery failed message in your email after you shared a Google app (doc, sheet, slide, etc.) with another person?

This is normal, and important to note that the person still would have received what you shared with them

If you don't want the notices, when you go to share a doc (or sheet, slide,etc.) uncheck the box that says "notify people via email"

State Testing Coming Up and Looking for review Ideas??

Are you using the engage NY Portal?

Desiree and Darren down at EJA are using the Engage NY Portal to create Smart Board Lessons to Review for the exams!

You could do something like this too! We can help you brainstorm!

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Scan the QR code above to add eSD Mobile to your iPad or phone or tablet!

Scan the QR code above to add eSD Mobile to your iPad or phone or tablet!

Use the app Scan (or any other free QR App) to get to the Mobile Website!

Then press the share button and add it to your home screen!

Want help creating a web quest or other fun qr code activity in your classes? Contact Carly or Erin!!

IPad help desk for students EVERY TUESDAY 9th PERIOD!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2:30pm

HS Library

MS Students teach classmates how to use Aurasma App!

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Students learning about Aurasma in Mrs. Tator's class

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Students use show me app to teach their classmates about historical figures!

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Old Editions

All Archived versions of the C-A Tech Infogram are available here