All About Me

A walk through of my personal interests.

1. I love books

I love books. Those of you who are wondering, yes, I have read the Harry Potter series. Miss Rowling is my writing role model. Other great series I read are: Warriors, and Percy Jackson.
J.K. Rowling Announces Pottermore

2. I Adore Cats

From fuzzy ears to curled tail, cats are the cutest animal to me. I've have a four-month-old kitten of my own since my old cat died. Don't try to change my favorite animal, that cat will always hug my heart.
10 Cutest Cat Moments

3. I Love Art

Mostly, I sketch. Combining my love for cats and art, I always sketch cats. I have 5 cat drawings on my bedroom door. I enjoy the feel of my trusty mechanical pencil. This explains the background, doesn't it?
How to Draw a Realistic Cat - Drawing a Kitty Cat