2 Mystierious Creatures

could theses creatures exist?

In 1995 a girl named Tori went to Scotland to speak with Brian Duffy. She went to talk to him about Nessie which is a name for the LochNess Monster. When Tori got there they went to a lake. The lake was called LochNess lake. They sat down and started to talk about the LochNess Monster when Tori said "So have people really seen Nessie?" She asked curiously

"Yes we have gotten pictures sent to the lab," replayed Brain Duffy but Victoria was eager to learn more so she asked

"Have you gotten any hair,bones,broken egg shells that could have been from a LochNess Monster?" Victoria pleaded

"Um we have found a broken egg shell sent to the science lab and we think it could be Nessie," Brain Duffy answered. After a 2 hour talk about Nessie they saw a giant figure jump high out of the water that could have been a LochNess Monster.

LochNess could this be?

The LochNess Monster has been around since dinosaur age. Back then there names used to be Longnecks or Plesiosaurs but know days people call them Nessie or the LockNess Monster. But why do people call them Nessie or LochNess Monster? Well some people call them that because of the LochNess lake. However this my be a question people will never figure out. The LochNess Monster is a creature that many people claim lives in LochNess. People have told stories about the LochNess Monster for thousands of years but no one has ever proven clear evidence that the LochNess Monster exist. However people have tried to take clear photographs of the LochNess Monster. Some aper to be real some aper to be fake! LochNess is a very large lake its 24 miles (39 kilometers) long and 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) wide. Some parts of the lake are more then 800 feet deep (244 meters) deep. The water is very cold. Slit makes the water dark. These traits can make it possible that the LochNess Monster could be hiding in the lake

The Legend of BigFoot

It all started when a girl named Tori mentioned the word BigFoot. One day Tori and her friend Macy saw foot prints at school and thats when Tori said BigFoot. So she told Macy everything she knew about BigFoot. The next day they checked out a BigFoot book and went outside to recess to find a Sasquatch and they ended up finding a LOT of bigFoot foot prints so when Tori when home she asked her other friend Airyanna if she would help her find BigFoot and Tori ended up finding a LOT of evidence.

Native Americans where the first to find BigFoot and they called BigFoot Sasquatch. In1967 Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin rode horses through the mountains of Northern California and Roger Patterson's horses started acting crazy when Roger fell off his horses. He ran to grad his film tape when he caught a big furry creature then it walked back into the woods. More then 300 hundred people have been reporting about BigFoot. Thousands of years people have told scary stories about a a wild harry beast that looks half man half ape. Some of the stories that have been told about a wild harry beast could have been about BigFoot maybe even BigFoot sightings. If you think that you have found BigFoot check again causes wheres your evidences? if you still think that you have found BigFoot then i would check again because you could be seeing a bear,backpacker or a Gnarled tree. So if you think that you have found BigFoot then it would be a pretty funny day for you.

Top 4 BigFoot sightings

Washington (344)

Oregon (170)

California (303)

Texas (138)

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Do you Believe?

Some people still think that BigFoot and Nessie are related and you know what that could be cause BigFoot likes to live in the woods and there could be woods by the LochNess lake so BigFoot and the LochNess Monster could be related! But that doesn't mean they are but you never know. This could be a story for next time. So to wrap this all up i believe that BigFoot and the LochNess Monster are real and wish would believe too but we all know that people have there own opinion