Mrs. Reynolds' 3rd Grade Newsletter

December 1, 2014

Week 14

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful week with family and friends. The kiddos seem rested and ready to learn. Now that the weather has gotten a lot colder, please remember to send your child with a warm coat, gloves, and to dress warmly. We will go outside when it is cold, but stay in if it is too cold. Don't forget to come and enjoy our Pancake Breakfast this Saturday from 7:30-9:45 am.

Up Coming Events @ Dodd

Saturday Dec. 6th - Pancake Breakfast 7:30-9:45 AM

Tuesday Dec. 9th - 3rd grade Field Trip - bring a sack lunch and drink

Thursday Dec. 11th - Third Grade Musical 7:00 PM

Friday Dec. 12th - Dino Beat 3rd Grade Musical 7:00 AM

Reading and Writing

This week students will read a fiction story called Dear Juno. We are working with the following words: crackle, announced, soared, noticed, and starry. They will create sentences and use context clues to figure our their meanings. Our skill focuses on generating questions to check for reading comprehension. We will also discuss character, setting, plot, and summary. We have started the next unit which is Unit 4 A all about procedural texts. During this time students will learn that procedural texts are a type of informational text that is written with the intent to explain the steps in the procedure, as in a recipe.

In writing, students will focus more on letter writing. I have added a letter writing site is fun to play with and where students can create letters.

Spelling and CUPS

Unit 14 has the patterns: /j/ sound spelled with ge; /s/ sound spelled with ce or ci. This week we will begin to add homophones to our spelling words. Chilly, chili ,bare, bear. These words are written in their planners with their spelling words. They will be tested on them and are expected to use them when writing their words each week. Please continue to help your child get their CUPS homework turned in each Friday.

Social Studies

We have begun Unit 1 which covers map skills and citizenship. Students have the vocabulary in their yellow folders, so please look over these words, as they will be tested on the skills and they need to know their meanings. I have included a really fun site that kids can visit to play with maps and learn all kinds of fun things! The log in information is in their planner on the sticky note in the front.

Our field trip is next Tuesday, December 9th. If you are a chaperon, a note will go home the end of this week on when to arrive at Dodd. Please remember to send a sack lunch with your child and bring one for you if you are coming to help out. All parents who are chaperoning will need to have the background check filled out this week.