Mr. Hanson's 5th Grade Bulletin

April 11th - April 15th

5th grade "Fun Day" Field Trip


Mr. Hanson's class is going to celebrate the end of the school year with a breakfast and field trip to Main Event on Thursday, May 19th. The day will start at 9:00 for a breakfast buffet, then from 11:00 to 2:30, the students will be at Main Event (Interstate10 & Warner Road). Main Event is a place where you can participate in laser tag, do a ropes course, bowl, and play arcade games. It's quite fun, please let me know, if you are interested in joining us, we have space available.

CTP Testing for Camelback Desert School

The Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP) is a rigorous assessment for high achieving students in areas such as reading, listening, vocabulary, writing, and mathematics. This is the online test that Camelback Desert School will take in place of Sat 10s. Mr. Hanson's class has been working on these concepts all year and will be taking these tests on our iPads. We are excited to show off what we know. I'm providing the test days so you know and plan accordingly.

April 28th: CPT Practice 1 11:00am

May 3rd: CPT Practice 2 11:00am

May 4th: CPT Reading Comprehension 9:00am

CPT Verbal Reasoning 11:00am

May 5th: CPT Math 1 9:00am

CPT Writing Mechanics 11:00am

May 6th: CPT Math 2 9:00am

CPT Math Writing Concepts & Skills 11:00am

May 9th: CPT Quantitative Reasoning 9:00am

CPT Vocabulary

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Camelback Desert School Summer Camp

I've had a lot of parents ask about when can the students do another session for robotics?

The answer, Summer Camp!

I'll be offering a robotics class where we will build, play, and learn all about Vex Robotics. I would love to have 5th grade be part of the camp, and you could sign up for just a week or be in robotics all summer. I'm attaching the website where you sign up. (

Summer Camp goes from May 31st - July 29th, beside robotics class, Camelback Desert School has offered field trips, iPads, creative reading/writing, music, cooking, photography, and sports (including swimming!). I would like to continue to work with my soon to be 6th graders and I really believe they would enjoy this camp. Let me know if you are interested.

Dusty Hanson

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Upcoming Events

April 28th: Taste of the Arts

April 29th: No School

May 4th - May 9th: CPT Testing

May 12th: Spring Concert with Elementary (Hillsong Church, formally City of Grace Church)