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Another Great Week at Acworth!

Mrs. Blakeney and Mr. Chio's 3rd grade class finished their Chatterpix American Hero Projects and they turned out SO great! You can find one of the examples below. This app is used to make a photograph "talk". Students wrote their informational writing on the social studies American Hero of their choice. Since they only had 30 second to record, they had to include the highlights....this editing and revising process was wonderful for writing! The kids then searched for a photograph using Cobb Digital Library and took a screen shot on the ipad mini. During the next lesson, we recorded their writing on the app and voila! The kids totally took charge of the ipads and the project. I loved how they were so engaged and worked hard to get their project completed. What a great way to do writing, speaking, listening and social studies!

The fifth grade team began the Career Research project this week! Mrs. Wright, the counselor, and I began with an interest inventory. The students have been super about keeping an open mind about their strengths and what careers they may be well suited for. I love the way that their discussions were centered around what different careers were and what information the inventory gave them. We will come back in January and research the top 3 careers that they found this week. To see the inventory they did, go to!
4 Avry
Lyrik Chatterpix

ALC Schedule Next Week

Next Week: Some interesting things scheduled are:

  • Fifth Grade is beginning their Career Projects by doing a career assessment
  • Holiday Storytime!
  • Small extension reading groups
  • Making Dirt Cups with Ms. Guertin's class
  • Fun, fun, fun!

The schedule for next week is below:

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