Dragon Points

Defining Poverty in Our Communities and Schools

Students, parental or guardian's socioeconomics status must be a visible topic in our schools when discussing achievement, instruction, and curriculum.

Poverty must not be approached as an excuse or an alibi. It is an economic and social reality that creates a mindset or worldview to be considered as we teach and lead our schools. Students living in poverty see things differently and experience the world in terms that have limits that too often lead educators to view students from a deficit perspective. Our challenge as educators is to develop knowledge and skills to maximize the educational opportunities for children reared in low socioeconomic conditions.

More to come from Cultural Proficiency in Education...

So Far...

So far this school year, departments have set goals, disaggregated STAAR data, and lessons designed for Operation Success, Dragon Time, and classrooms to enrich student learning. This is a lot since starting this journey just in October. Let's reflect and spend April 2nd focusing on our various endeavors to determine if they have been successful. The caveat is not to develop DRIP syndrome which is data rich and information poor.

More to come...

End Of Year Committees

As we approach the end of the year this is a time to update/remind everyone of the various committees that are working so hard to have everything finalized by April 17th so they can be viewed/reviewed. There are also some changes.


  • Fire Team: Safe and Civil Schools/Trust Cards-Pass your ideas for next year to one of these individuals (Buck, Sims, Davenport, Hurst-Holland, Gieseker, Reuscher, Davis, Cameron, and Long).
  • Dragon Days: Student Rewards/Theme-if you have a great theme that can be implemented throughout the entire school please pass is on to your rep. (S. Hall, Garcia, Fairley, Marlin, Landeros, Totman, and Bartel). Also, we will be using some remnant of funds to purchase some supplies. These will not be spirals/notebooks but smaller items. This committee will need help in organizing these items for next school year.
  • 3DT: Engagement-if you have an idea for topics for breakout sessions please pass it on to your rep. (Nash, Gieseker, Davenport, Holt, Shaw, Davis, and Carter).

Odds and Ends

  • Have a copy of your semester exam and review to your appropriate inclusion teacher by May 15th.
  • If you allow students to go to the restroom during a block period then you must escort them. Students left on their own without supervision is an opportunity for inappropriate incidents to occur.
  • April 2nd is for dress code sake a Friday.
  • If you missed the faculty meeting please mark your calendar to meet with me on April 2nd at 3:45 to discuss poverty.


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