The new generation of communication

Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland in the year of 1847 march, 3. Bell made his patent for the first telephone in march 7, 1876 at the age of 29. He was the first to make a devise that sent human voice electronically. He used visual speech to teach a class to deaf children. He started doing experiments in 1872 and when he was visiting his dad in 1874 he thought of the idea. On march 10, 1876 " Human speech" was transmitted for the first time.
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How it works

There is a little cone shaped object with a piece of material at one end to be like a drum. at the smaller end of the cone there was a cork with a needle in it submerged in sulphuric acid. The needle was attached to a battery and depending on how much the needle moved that would send out sounds through a wire to the other person.

The evolution

The phone has changed tremendously it started out big and could not go very far to longer distances and with a wire. To very big wireless phones that connected with the satellite to know having smart phone that are the size of our hand.


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