Hydroelectric Energy

Alternative source

Part 1

Question of hydropower

  1. Where does your energy source come from? Water sources generated by turbines.

  2. What equipment is needed to collect your energy source? (What do people need to build to use it?)hydraulic turbines. They use turbine and the water

    pressure moves it

  3. How does your energy source impact the environment? (Does it harm the environment in any way?)it harms the environment by when they build

    dams and when it goes through hydraulic turb-

    ines it make fish and wildlife die and unhappy.

  4. What are three positive things about using your energy source? Its has electricity creating potential and it a renewable

    energy source it does not create and pollution to the


  5. What are three negative things about using your energy source? It's a lot of money and a lot of space is needed.

    Some fish and wildlife are unhappy cause of Dam.

    Not many places are suitable for this energy source.

Part 2

United Kingdom

• Where is the country located?

It's located in Europe•

-What is the weather like in this country? (is it sunny? rainy? windy?)

The united kingdom has many different weather

pattern in just one day it can be rainy one min and

be sunny the next.

• What water sources are in or near this country? (rivers? oceans? lakes?)

They have rivers, lakes, and a Ocean

• What is the population of this country? 63,843,856

Letter to the U.K

Dear United Kingdom

I would like to tell you about a alternative energy source that i think is good for you

country. The energy sources that i'm going to talk to you about is Hydropower. This

energy source is good for your country because you located around a body of water

and have rivers and lakes. This source uses a hydraulic turbine which is turned by

the water. It is usually used in dams and when the turbine spin it creates electricity

for you country. This Renewable energy source is a easy way to generate energy

thats affordable since the water you have around you.

Thank you for you time

Jacob Ethan Thomasson