LV Technology

Ben Thompson

Typing web

Typing web is a site that you can type, and in my class for 5 minutes we type the whole time. We need to get through intermediate course by the end of the month and need to finish sentences by the end of the first quarter. Also with this website you are timed and get percentages and the better you do the more stars you can get.


In technology we also did an i Trailer. Here is what you have to do to make a i Trailer. First choose a background and song. Second you insert photos and videos. Next you can make your story line with the lines above the photo. Next enjoy, and watch you video.

I did my i Movie on baseball because baseball is my favorite sport.

Haiku Deck

In my Haiku Deck we had to do ours for our dream job to prepare our selves in the future. My dream job is a professional Baseball player. I had 10 slides which is the limit. We did research on our project so that we did true information but we had t do it on a certain website.

Explain Everything

In Explain Everything we had to pick a math problem from schoology. I did a problem where i had to multiply but two eggs were bad so I had to subtract that to get my answer. Also in Explain every thing there are many things like drawing utensils markers laser pointers and many more.

career locker

in career locker we had to find a dream job for the future. If you picked a sport you had to do a backup job because you might not get drafted. I did my project on Baseball/Umpire. I did that because I love anything to do with sports.


For coding we had to make our own games our we have to create someones else games that they make and you have to make it yourself. is the website that we did. Coding is probably my favorite because it is challenging.