A monotheism religion

Followers of Judaism

Jews, the followers of Judaism, worship the God of Abraham or Adondai. The holy book of the Jews is called the TeNaKh it is composed up of the Torah, the Nevi, and the Ketivum.

Jews have key beliefs which include prayer to their one and only god, to study the TeNaKh, to follow the ten commandments and to live a moral/good life. A Jews practices and rituals are important these are to keep the Shabbat or Sabbath day (this is observed on Saturday) and the breaking of the Challah and the sharing of the wine.

Jews worship at a synagogue - often called "temple" and their leader is a Rabbi. The sects of Judaism are Orthodox, Conservative and Reformed. The Star of David is a representation of king David's shield, a common symbol for Judaism.

Some Jewish holidays include Yom Kippur the day of Atonement, Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish new year, the passover is the commemoration of the Israelites freedom from slavery, Hanukkah is the commemoration of the rededication of the holy temple. Jerusalem is the sacred city of the prophets.

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