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Welcome to the first edition of this bimonthly newsletter! We hope you find some usable information and refer back as often as you like. All issues will be archived on the media/technology web site under the teacher information tab.

We have moved!

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Kim ext. 430

Amy ext. 636

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Did you know...?

- You can search the library catalog and see all the resources in the Professional Library?

When you go to the Destiny icon on your computer desktop (or under Resources on the school web page) and search for materials, you are only searching as a guest with no access to professional resources or videos. Watch the video here and see how to log in and see everything! You should be able to log in with your log in for the computer...if it doesn't work, please let me know so I can fix it! (I will be showing you a lot of others things DESTINY can do for you to help find online resources as well-stay tuned)

Teachers-Logging in to Destiny

What's New


DVD - The Sound of Music

DVD - Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles

DVD - Animal Farm/Moby Dick

DVD - October Sky

DVD - Fahrenheit 451

Multiplication the Algebra Way by AIMS


- Experiments with Matter and Materials

- Experiments with Sound and Light

- Teen 411: 1) I Have Been Sexually Abused. Now What?; 2) I Have an Eating Disorder. Now What?; 3) I Have Been Bullied. Now What?

- Biographies: John Green, Kiera Cass, Cassandra Claire (popular authors)

- Heroes and Legends: Hercules; Thor; Jason and the Argonauts; Dragonslayers

-Scientific Breakthroughs: Discoveries in Chemistry that changed the World

-Scientific Breakthroughs: Discoveries in Life Science that changed the World


Junior Scholastic (Current Events) - February 23, 2015 Selma; Terror in Paris; News Flash!: Reporting How to's; Instant Fame-Posting photos today; Debate: Are pro athletes being paid too much?

March 16, 2015 Wonder Woman and Women's Rights; The Space Twins; In the News snippets; Measles Scare; China's Test Factory; Debate: Is the Iditarod Cruel for Dogs?; Yosemite's El Capitan; How to "Read" Photographs

New York Times: Upfront (8th and higher reading level) - February 2, 2015 The Legacy of Selma; The Plunge in Oil Prices; Is the President a Lame Duck?; Marriage for All?; Terror in Paris

March 16, 2015 The Boomerang Generation; Return of the Measles; Photography on the Front Line; Can you EARN US Citizenship?; The Atom Bomb

Science World - February 2, 2015 Engineering-Robo Rescuer; Chemistry-The Secret Ingredients in Pet Treats; Earth Science-World's Coolest Caves; Biology-Protecting our Food Supply from Disaster

March 2, 2015 Biology-Exotic Pets; Physics-Electric Race Cars tear up the Track; Chemistry-Signs of life on Mars?; Earth Science-Avalanches

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