Gabriel's Gazette

September 14, 2018

Admin Team

In the past, there was the SIT group. I am changing that up a bit and working to create an Admin team to help administer school activities and keep all faculty and staff abreast of what is going on. It is similar in style but will function a bit differently. It will focus on the improvement of the school, but also act as a council to make binding decisions for the function of the school. The members of the team will meet every other Wednesday after school (3:30) for no more than an hour. The first meeting will take place September 19th. Kim and I spoke at length about members of the team and worked to take people from each pod so they are represented.

Besides Dirk, the admin team will consist of:

Angela Feathers

Christopher Montoya

Kim Martinez

Cheryl Roybal

Rosella Sena

Evelyn Rivera

Cathy Martinez (representing specials).

Pertinent information will be distributed in the newsletter or other venues as necessary.


We are upgrading the firewall for internet access over the weekend. On Monday, there may or may not be websites blocked that you normally would go to. If this does happen, please let Mr. Steffens know.

Concert date changes

Christmas Concert 2018

Thursday, December 6th - Grades 1&2 at 5:30

Thursday, December 6th - Grades 3-6 at 6:15 (includes choir & marimba)

Thursday, December 13th - PrePreK, PreK, and Kindergarten

Spring Concert 2019

Thursday, May 9th - Grades 1&2 at 5:30

Thursday, May 9th - Grades 3-6 at 6:15

All at Santa Maria de la Paz in the main church.

Archdiocese in-service

Attached is the agenda for the Archdiocese in-service on September 21st. Chris Montoya is offering a carpool. Let him know if you want to join him. The agenda states that teachers are to go back to their school at 12:30 for additional meetings or PD. WELL! We are not doing that. Since we have our Restorative Justice on September 29th, you can go home! Enjoy!


Remember, dismissal is at 3:00pm at the sound of the bell.

Duties, you must sign up for duties every week. And it is your responsibility to show up for your duties. Not for others to cover for you if you have forgotten.

Kim, as lead teacher, if she is requesting something of you or for you to do, she has already come to me to clear it. Assume that it is coming from me.

Class newsletters. Please cc me on your newsletter that you send to parents. Not to check on you but to see what is going on in your classroom.

We will set up times for observations soon!

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