Fun places for family

The Mall of america is one of the fun places to spend it with your family. There are many different places to shop. One of the most famous person named Leslie Sanchez, comes here to shop and spends time with her family. There are lots of stores to shop at and many places to eat with the family.


Money is optional, you can bring money to do some shopping or you can walk around the Mall Of America just to do some exercise.

Mall of America

Wednesday, April 3rd 2013 at 10pm

60 E Broadway

Bloomington, MN

Fun places to visit

Some of the most Important stores Leslie would shop at was Forever 21, Wet Seal, Hollister, and Gilly Hicks. Some of the restaurant's she would eat at were A&W and Chipotle. Fun places Leslie and her family would spend time together was at The Nickelodeon Universe. She spent her time on the rides.

Valley Fair

Valley Fair is a fun place for family to spend time together. There are lots of rides and there is also a water park. It is a park for all ages.

It was a important place for Leslie and her family because they would spend time together and have lots of fun.


Valley Fair Gold pass: 6 payments of $11.50

Tickets: Online-$35.99 at the gate $43.99


Leslie liked McDonalds it is one of the best fast food places she would go to since she was little. Most McDonalds have a place for the little kids to play. Leslie favorite order was the number 12, it was chicken nuggets with fries and a drink.

There are different kinds of food and different prices

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