Book club review

chasing yesterday

main character



..J.d wakes up with her head hurting and she doesn't remember anything about her past then an ambulance comes and brings her to the hospital and they start calling her j.d.they decide to send her to a center.and while she is there she meets a boy named daniel and they become friends and she starts telling him stuff from her past,and he teaches her how to pick a lock.then her ‘’mom’’ picked her up and they go home and they get to know each other .Then the mom starts going to the doctors office for checkups and the doctor i scary.she figures out there going to send her to a institution and she doesn't want to go and she finally gives in to go to there.but then she wants to meet daniel so she secretly sneaks out at night to meet him and someone mugs her but daniel fights him off.she takes her pick off and goes the the doctors office ready to go to the institution but sneaks off and looks at the computer and finds out that the doctor was drugging her and telling her all lies then her mother comes in and shoots her with a tranquilizer .when she wakes up she is in a van strapped up then her mom comes and takes to her and tells her that she isn't her mom and that she doesn't live in that house. daniel comes and they run and the mom chases them to a broken down house and they take her out and she dies in the burning building.

How does the maiin character change

The main character is j,d and she how she changes is she gets to know her past

more and she gets stronger through the book


i think the climax was when her mom shot her because it shocked me and then you can tell something is not right about the mom because we thought she was nice.


I think the theme was you can't trust everyone you see,and we can earn from the book that you can't trust everyone you see or it can bite you on the butt.

Authors writing style

i think she uses suspense because at the end of the chapter sometimes it leaves you hanging and you want to read more and it gets intense throughout the when she has dreams and when the mom shot her you were surprised.

Did you enjoy reading the book

i did because you it made me want to read the next book because i want to learn more about it.

Recomend the book

yes i would because it is a fun book to read and it could make people feel better about reading the book.