Tech Talk

Augusta Jackson

What's New in Technology?

The temperature pill or the ingestable computer is groundbreaking for athletes of all sports. This pill can be swallowed and allow trainers and individual to know their core body temperatures. It also lets the trainer or individual know their heart rate as it travels through the body. This is an unprecedented piece of technology that can save multitudes of lives.

Bettering the world... one advancement at a time.

This piece of technology ultimately is for athletes in which it is a positve change. It will prevent from heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion is hard to identify as a person or a trainer. This will alleviate the "guessing game" of heat exhaustion. In the future of this product, it can be used for all professions to prevent from dehydration, exhaustion and monitoring of heart rates. This pill save many lives in the event of exercise, hot conditions or depleting circumstances.

Augusta Jackson

Augusta Jackson is an avid follower of all sports and takes interest to new technology that betters the life of sports. She is a compettitive softball player who enjoys running in her free time. She also takes interest in any product that will help her in her softball endevaours.

Everyday life

This will better everyday life by presenting the individual with a healthy lifestyle free from dehydration and heat exhaustion. Also, it will give the individual an ideal of the amount of water they will need or when to take a break from their strenous activity. In the long run, it will lead a happier and healthier life.

My 2 Cents

In my opinion, I believe this is a ground-breaking piece of technology because I have suffered from dehydration and you do not know it is happening until it happens. With this advancement I will be able to go longer and be healthier at the same time because I wil know my limits. This is truly a great idea that will help many athletes that are on daily demanding schedules.