By: Tyesha Fragamarie 4th period

About Mr. Voltaire

Mr. Voltaire was an enlightened man who fought for the rights of many people and wrote a novel or book about the freedom for many others.
Born in Paris in 1694 - 1778 was a very important enlightenment thinker, his real name Francois-Marie Arouet better known as Voltaire. wrote books and spoke out against religions intolerance and superstition in the church he went to jail for his writings and than later was forced to leave France. and he called for freedom of speech for everyone to have the right liberty.

Voltaire was the fourth out of five children. his family was the representative of elite society on France. his political favor and from the Jesuits at the prestigious collage Louis Le grand in Paris he also acquired a first class education.

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A Quote from Voltaire

A Quote from Mr. Voltaire about freedom and equal rights he wrote more but this one inspired me the most because it has an unusual saying to it.
Voltaire Biography
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Books about Voltaire

Mr. Voltaire had many books written about him and his life.