Flowers for Algernon

Lauren Hunt


Charlie Gordon is a 33 year-old man with little to no intelligence. A team of researchers from the Welberg Foundation saw this as an opportunity to test science. They've done a procedure, that is suppose to increase your intelligence, on Algernon, a mouse. Charlie did the procedure not knowing that it doesn't just affect him, but also the people around him. The procedure worked, but he know knew how his friends really treated him. As Charlie gets brighter, his friends begin to turn on him. One of his friends even say, "Maybe I dont understand some of them big words or the names of the books, but Im as good as you are-better even." pg.106. He falls in love but is incapable of showing it due to his past. He finds himself in a situation thinking he's a totally different person. Charlie notices the mouse is losing his education and can only assume that it’s going to happen to him. The mouse soon dies and Charlie doesn't know what to think. By the end of the book you can tell by Charlie's progress reports that his intelligence decreased and he’s right back to where he started.

Character Analysis

Charlie Gordon is a 33 year old man with the intelligence of a 3rd grader. He works at a bakery with his boss, Mr. Donner, who is dad-like to him. Mr. Donner even mentions that he once he said to himself," Arthur Donner, as long as you got a bakery and a business over your head, you're going to look after Charlie. He is going to have a place to work, a bed to sleep in and bread in his mouth." pg. 103. Unfortunately his friends treat him poorly. But he doesn't notice because he lacks the education to know what they mean when they make-fun of him.


One conflict that Charlie went through during the book was a character vs. self. He has realized that the procedure is starting to wear off. He doesn't even want to do his testing anymore, he doesn't want anything to do with the lab. He even says, "I'm not coming back here any more. Whatever there is left in me that you need, you can get from the progress reports. I'm not a guinea pig any more. I've done enough. I want to be left alone now." He can't resolve losing his intelligence but he did accept what is happening so he can move past it.


One theme I can learn from this book is not all advantageous situations last. Charlie had the procedure done and at first it was great and things were working out. But then things stated to go down hill and he was returning right back to where he started. In his progress reports you could tell he was losing his intelligence by the way he was spelling things at the end of the book.He even says,"Its good to no things and be smart and I wish I new everything in the hole world. I wish I coud be smart agen rite now."pg.310 (his exact words/spelling).

Textual Evidence

My favorite quote from the book is, " I did something but I dont remembir what. So I gess its like I did it for all the dumb pepul like me in Warren and all over the world." pg.311. This is my favorite quote because it almost feels like closure knowing that he accepts what has happened and that he did make a difference in science even though he forgot what he did.

Book Review

I think, "Flowers for Algernon", deserves a 4 star rating because at times the book would get confusing. For example, during his dreams he would talk in 3rd person. But I didn't catch on until I was half way through the book.


Flowers for Algernon (Book Trailer)


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