ENMS 9-6-13

Progress Reports

It is hard to believe that progress reports are coming up already.

This upcoming Friday the 13th is our half way mark for the 1st nine weeks. Grades are due to the office on Monday afternoon. Progress Reports will go out on Wednesday the 18th.

Do Not touch your grade book after entering progress report grades until the office gives the okay. This will eliminate students having different grades on their grade book viewer and on the paper progress report copy.

Also, remind all of your students that if they have one F they are not eligible for any after school clubs, sports, dances etc... until the grade cards come out.

Monday Collaboration

On Monday Becky Perkins will be here to discuss ELL students for this school year. I have had a couple of teachers ask how to meet the needs of these students better and Becky will help us with this.


We will have our first PTO meeting of the new year next Tuesday at 6:00 in the cafeteria. You are welcome to attend this meeting if you are able to make it.