Mrs. Erwin's 5th Grade Class

Rm 7.02

Fun and Educational Websites

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Erwin's Homeroom Class Schedule

8:15-9:05 Reichardt for Math

9:05-10:05 Tiger Time (Intervention)

10:05-10:32 Reichardt for Math

10:32-11:02 lunch

11:02-11:32 recess

11:32-11:45 Reichardt for Math

11:45-1:15 Jenkins for Science and Writing

1:15-2:50 Erwin for Reading and Social Studies

2:50-3:35 Specials (6 day rotation)

3:35-3:45 Erwin for Reading and Social Studies

3:45 Dismissal

Daily Agendas

Agendas are used as a form of communication between home and school. Please review and sign agenda each night to keep track of homework, important news, events, and to receive notes specific to your child.

Classroom Rules and Behavior Expectations

Students will be-



*Always Safe


Misbehavior will be documented in agendas.

Students are responsible for having their agenda signed daily.

Third/Fourth/Fifth Grade Reteach/Retest Procedures

  1. Students will be retaught concepts they do not master. Reteaching may take place in whole group, small group, or during individual instruction.
  2. Students will be allowed one opportunity to retest on major grades only. Rubrics, projects and final nine weeks/semester assessments will be exempt from reteach/retest procedures.

  3. Reteach/retest will need to be done of the original test being given.

  4. Retest can be an alternative assessment on the same content or the same activity.

  5. Students who earn a grade below a 70% will be required to participate in a reteach session and then retest for that assignment.

  6. Students will receive an average of the two grades. If a student receives a lower grade on the retest, then the original grade will stand in the gradebook.

Specials Rotation

Day 1 PE

Day 2 Art

Day 3 PE

Day 4 Music

Day 5 PE

Day 6 Computers