By: Daira

Most Important Belief

Reincarnation is a very important belief to in Hinduism. The wishes of the Gods of Hinduism are believed to, if your life has been lived by them, lead to a great next life. They also believe if you live several perfect lives, then you will receive Moksha. If you lead a bad life then you will receive a bad life when you are reincarnated or you will be reborn into an animal

What I Think Makes People Convert To Or Join This Religion

In my opinion, I think that people want to convert to or join this religion is, because they want to perfect their lives by living by the wishes of their millions of gods.

How Extremists Justify Their Actions Against Non-Believers

Extremists justify their actions against non-believers by allowing killing. At first, I thought that this wasn't possible because, they believe in Karma and receiving Moksha, so this would alter in them getting good Karma and not receiving Moksha because of their bad deeds. After researching this topic further, I found that in Hinduism, killing is allowed only when they feel dharma is threatened. But if one kills ruthlessly and for no reason it accounts to them behaving in sin. So, dharma is a central term for deciding if a killing is justified or not

Hindu Extremists Resolve to Killing Christians, They Beat in Bihar, India

In Bihar, India, among the attacks against non-believers in Hinduism, a Christian couple required hospitalization after some Hindu extremists beat them and tried to kill them. A small group of male Hindu extremists intruded their home and asked who called and or visited him and his wife while beating them.

Nataraj, The Lord Of Dance

The picture below of Nataraj, the Lord of dance, is a symbolic synthesis of the most important aspects of Hinduism.
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A Poem About Hinduism

This poem tells and gives information about modern Hinduism and modern practices around India.