Education in Somalia


Over half of children in Somalia have never set foot in a school before, there is a 60% litteracy rate, and school is free untill secondary school then almost no one can afford to go.

The Cause

Most countries in Africa are still severly underdeveloped and very few are even developing. This has caused the quality of living in Africa to be very poor. The schooling is so bad because the teachers were not educated as children so they can teach very little.

Countries Involved

Somalia is the worst closely followed by Ethiopia and Eritrea. The schools are bad in every country in Africa but these are the worst.

Statistical Information

Although education has greatly improved, only 710,860 primary school age children out of 1.7 million go to school and the numbers severly drop from that piont on. The majority of teachers are underqualified and the teacher to student ratio is 1:33. Only 38% of children in first grade in 2001 made it to fifth grade.

What Has Been Done

UNICEF is an organization that works to better the learning enviornment in Somalia. So far they have provided textbooks to 1,811 schools, trained 6,897 teachers, and provided pay to 5,782 0f them. They have also sent teachers and trainers to Somalia and formed a scholarship programme for girls who can't afford school.

What Else Needs To Be Done

The quality of teaching is still bad because of the lack of training and pay so we need to help UNICEF in their effort to train the teachers and provide a salary. There are also cases of child recrutement for wars so there needs to be better monitoring and reporting of children.

Plans To Address The Problem

UNICEF is already doing a great job on Fixing the poor schooling in Somalia but for more information how to help email the cheif of communication, Susannah Price at