the dog in the night-time

a novel by mark haddon


Christopher John Francis Boone, the protagonist, is unable to understand the thoughts and feel the feelings that other people have. He can't understand when someone is being sarcastic or when a person is thinking. He does't understand their expressions are showing some sort of emotion. This characteristic of Christopher leads him to misunderstand others as well as others misunderstanding him. He has problems understanding certain things, and only focuses on certain topics, and he is like a calculator when it comes to numbers. He has a form of autism, but he is extremely good at science and math, and this an example of his focus on certain topics only. Christopher is great at those sorts of things, but socially he has a lot of trouble. This is why Christopher doesn't understand people, and he mostly hates social interaction. He avoids social contact and hates being in crowded places, such as train stations and buses, and hates being touched. If he doesn't enjoy whats going on around him he will act out, and he will scream or hit people. An example is when he got overwhelmed with a cop asking him things and talking to him, so he hit the cop. He doesn't mean to get the way does sometimes he just lacks the social skills that most people develop, so he got a caution for that.

Christopher understands he is different than most people are. He hates talking about things he feels are not important. Christopher doesn't have many friends and it takes a lot for him to trust people, especially strangers. He gets nervous around people he doesn't know and refuses to talk at all to strangers. At the end of the book he dreams about being the only person on the planet and doing whatever he wanted. Such as getting all the video games and computer games at the store. He knows he is great math student which makes him push so hard to take the Maths A level test. He has a great memory which allows him to remember events that happened in the past and he remembers the layouts of specific places. Going to new places makes him nervous because he doesn't know everything around him or have a memorization of the place. When he finds out his mother isn't dead and has been sending him letters from London he gets very upset. He rebels against his father and goes to London all alone. This led to his journey alone in which he had to be independent an act on his own. At the end of the novel, Christopher feels that the trip to London has prepared him to be able to be on his own. He feels he has developed more as an independent person.

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Christopher Boone lives with his father in Swindon, England. One day he walking on the neighbors lawn and he discovered his neighbors dog, Wellington dead on the lawn. His mission is to find the murderer, but his autism at some points obstructs this. Christopher hits a police officer because of a misunderstanding, but he got off with a caution. He had to promise his father he wouldn't look into the murder anymore. Christopher was writing a book about the murder (the book I read). Christopher investigates and talks to the neighbors finding out major news. He discovers the owner of the dead dog and his father had an affair because Mr. Shears first was having an affair with Christopher's mother who issupposedly passed away due to a heart attack. Christopher is a very intelligent kid in which he is preparing for major tests throughout the novel, and his characteristics help us further achieve the plot. One day Christopher accidentally left his book on the table. His father found it, was very angry, and he took it.

Christopher wants to finish the book so he goes looking for it, but in doing so he finds some unopened letters. Hidden in a box was letters from his mother who was no longer with them. The letters speak of the mother's life in London along with Mr.Shears. Christopher passes out in disbelief with the letters surrounding him leaving his father to find him with the damage he has created. He tried to apologize but Christopher is different and he just refuses to speak. His father feels bad about his lies but he was just trying to keep him safe. His father also tells him the truth about killing Wellington. This leaves Christopher fearing his father and his life as well as no longer trusting his father. The theme then shows his desire to become independent. He then runs aways to London in search of his mother in which he faces problems along the way in which he must use social interaction. He does many things in which he starts to become more independent. When he arrives Mr. Shears does not enjoy his company. This creates arguments between his mother and Mr.Shears. His mother then decides to leave London and return to Swindon taking Mr.Shears car. Christopher was in such a rush to get back to take his math tests further frustrating his mother. When they return Christopher is still deathly afraid of his father and will not speak one word to him. He locks himself in his room, so he feels safe. His father does not want the mother living with them, so she gets a small apartment in which she and Christopher live. He gets an A on his special math tests leaving him to want to further his studies and one day attend a university.

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The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon was a very good yet interesting novel. I recommend you try to read this book, and it is an easy read. The book has a very great plot one that you may see replicated in some sort of way in the movies you watch. If you are a mystery person, but you don't want a deep, dark novel then this book is for you. This book has real life scenarios in it whine keeping it very interesting. The start of the book with the dog being dead leaves many questions to be answered as well as the discovery of things that are new to Christopher's ears. If you read the whole book you be entertained and enjoyed with the interesting plot and characterization of Christopher John Francis Boone.