North Korea

Welcome to hell


North Korean culture traditionally was similar to the surrounding countries such as China and Japan. But after the Japanese-Russo war ended and Japan relinquished control of North Korea, Russia established a soviet like state. This started the well know communist North Korea we know today.

Social Statistics

Population: 24,851,627
Ethnic groups: Korean and a very small amount of Japanese and Chinese

Very few people ever move to North Korea and if they do are usually not allowed to leave. This means that there is a obvious lack of diverse ethnic groups.

Infant Mortality Rate: 24.5

Life Expectancy: 69 years

Children under the age of 5 years underweight: 15%

North Korea doesn't have a terrible life expectancy but it shows they are not fully developed. They also have a very high infant mortality rate which shows their underdevelopment. They also have many starving children showing that they can't feed their citizens.

Language: Korean

Literacy: 100%

They have a literacy rate of 100% which is very difficult, but possible because of the harsh dictator like state.


Traditionally most north Koreans were Buddhists or followed Confucianism. In today's North Korea there is little to no religious freedoms. Religion is seen as something the government controls.The government controls the media and press to make the leader look like a God.

Traditional North Korean Food


Q: Is North Korea really as bad as people say it is?
A: Yes