Nicola Sacco


Nicola was born April 22, 1891. She died August 23, 1927. She and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were born anarchists. In 1920 they were both convicted of murdering two men in an armed robbery in South Braintree, Massachusett. A trail in 1921 resulted in the men's conviction. Witnesses claimed that Nicola had been in Boston's North End and Bartolomeo was in Plymouth Massachusetts during the robbery. On July 14, 1921 they both were found guilty of first-degree murder.

My opinion

I think that Sacco and Vanzetti should be in trouble for the murder of the two men, but only if there is proof that they were there. I think they should of investigated more because there were witnesses that said they were someone else. I don't think people should get accused of something they didn't even do. Even though they probably did it, I think they should of made sure they did because nobody should be put to death because of something you didn't even do.