Dietary Guidelines

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Dietary Guidelines

A health risks is an likelihood of developing health problems.But a diet can help which is really everything u eat.calorie factors are proteins,nutrients and foods that will give u energy instead of foods give u that quick boost like snacks and foods that have lots of calories. But a nutrient dense foods is a food that provides high amounts of vitamins and minerals for relatively few calories.

if u want to maintain a healthy weight u must understand what a risk factor is which means is a condition that increases your chances of developing a problem. A risk to having too much body fat can be that you might be over weight. The risks of underweight does not have much body fat. Two suggestions for losing weight can be go to the gym and lift weight. You can also eat foods that have proteins and proteins and fruits.

Another way that can help you is being active, which can be playing basketball or just running. A teen should at least get 60 minutes of physical activity everyday. Guidlines that can help include in your daily schedule can be eat an apple and some grapes then go outside and run or play a sport with your friends.

Whole grains,fruits,vegetables and milk are healthy because they contain proteins and dont give you too much body fat.These foods should be included in every ones breakfest,luch and dinner.The benefit can be having a more healthier body, and might even live longer.

How to limit fats can be exercise more and eat better foods everyday.Eating snacks everyday that has lots have lots calories can harem your body. Disease that can develop can be diabetes. You can achieve moderate total fat intake by drinking milk and eating good foods. Foods with natural sugars will give you body as much as other fats.Foods with added sugar give you more calories than it comes with. We should limit our sugar intake because that sugar will be bad for our health.

We should increase our sodium because it helps control body fluids.Diseases linked to sodium can lead a heart attack.The function u choose processed foods with less salt or sodium. Teens should avoid alcohol because it can affect,influence and your judgment .Food safety is important because it can help you live longer and will help your body strong.