Jackie Robinson, Role Model

Dominic H.

He keeps on trying

Branch Rickey is saying no one is working with them to do the experiment. He said we have no one just you and me, and few newspaper men. And he is saying the fans are hostile. He also this will be very tough, and we only win if we convince everyone. Jackie Robinson still does the job. Page 293

Branch Rickey is saying the box is what is supposed to count, nothing else in baseball. He says Robinson is a good enough man to do it but it will take a lot of courage. Jackie Robinson agrees to do it. Page 294

He never says no!

“My heart began racing a little faster again as I sat there speculating… I think you can play in the major leagues. How do you feel about it? … I was incredulous. Most of all I was speechless. … I got my tongue back. Yes I answered.” Page 292

“Could I turn the other cheek? I didn’t know how I would do it. Yet I knew that I must. I had to do it for so many reasons. For black youth for my mother, for Rae, for myself. I had already begun to feel I had to do it for Branch Rickey.” Page 295

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Caption: This is Jackie Robinson with Branch Rickey.

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Caption: This is Jackie Robinson with his baseball bat.

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