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December 2, 2019

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Welcome Back!

I hope you had a wonderful break filled with fun, family/friends, food, and love. I had a few lazy days and then some very productive days. I apologize for not getting this N&B out earlier. We have new students starting this week. Sometimes when new students begin, we do not have much notice as parents want to start them as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding in getting these students acclimated and welcoming these families.

Thank you for those who supported our float conception, build, and parade. Special thanks to Amanda and especially Autumn for hours of effort put toward this awesome event. There were several key families that helped us out and they will be thanked in the MMM.

I'll see you all at the staff meeting today after school. The agenda is below. Please bring a device to take the end of meeting survey and also the colorful behavior plan cards from your classroom, if you have them.

Update - thanks for your participation in the staff meeting yesterday. Please take a moment to complete the 3 question post PD survey I emailed yesterday.



12-2-19 Staff Meeting Agenda

Please bring a digital device and colorful behavior plan cards.

Health Inspection - Follow Up

Thank you for your attention and holding snack when the health inspector came. She did not find any major errors - thank you all for that. I had a few questions that I wanted to address -

  • Ensure that knives are locked up when not in use. When knives are in use, there should be close adult supervision.
  • Since we have early childhood students in the building, chemicals should be accessible and under the sink. You can store these in the closet areas.
Thanks again!

Fire Drill Feedback

Having our first fire drill when no one knew it was coming was very revealing - which is good for us to evaluate. We have to work on some things. We took a very long time coming out of the school for our last fire drill. Classes did not follow their planned exit routes. These exit routes are planned and approved by the fire marshal to ensure that everyone can get out of the building as efficiently as possible without having bottlenecks. Please follow your class' exit route, as listed in the Emergency Guide.

Please reference the Emergency Guide below and have a copy printed for your black emergency clipboard. Also, you need to have a class list in your black clipboard with which you will check attendance when outside.

When all is good and your children are accounted for - one adult per class should step forward and into the road a bit (with your class in the parking stalls) so I can more easily/clearly see which classes are ready.

All doors need to be closed with lights turned out. Closing doors is super important because open doors provide fire oxygen, which causes fire to spread more quickly.

Thanks for making these necessary changes.

JH PTCs - Thank You

Thank you, junior high teachers, for conducting parent-teacher conferences so professionally before Thanksgiving. Our families seemed to be engaged and we had many attend. Please remember, during elementary PTCs, junior high students are also dismissed early; but, junior high teachers are contracted to stay until 4pm these days when it is elementary's turn to stay late.
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International Festival - Thank you

International Festival seemed to run very smoothly, from my perspective, last week. Thank you all for your work in assisting students in their project creations. Overall, I feel as though this year's projects are the best I've seen in three years. Thank you for supervising the common areas and welcoming so many families. I think this is an excellent way to end our week before Thanksgiving break.
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Feel the Love at MMA Day

We are inviting students and families to visit MMA on February 14th at any time during the day to show off our school with the intention of increasing enrollment. We really want to highlight what makes us unique - our focus on the whole child, purposeful movement, individualized instruction, inclusion, and our awesome staff.

Please do not plan for Valentine's day celebrations on the 14th. Works can be Valentine's inspired; however, we do not want parties or anything else that interrupts instruction.

We will try to pair students up with visiting students or families - so you just need to prepare to have more bodies possibly in your room on this day - which will require a healthy dose of patience. Please try to explain some of the purpose behind how/what we do here differently. Other than that and your normal awesomeness - there is nothing else for teaching staff to prepare.

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Red Butte Garden and Arboretum PD Opportunity

Dear Teachers and Principals,

Red Butte Garden and Arboretum is offering a Professional Development opportunity for your district this school year!

Please help us spread the word to 1st grade teachers in your district. Professional Development and outreach visits to classrooms are completely free and we would love to see you there! Details are below:

Workshops will be offered January 11th and February 8th at in Salt Lake City. The flier can be accessed here. Register here.

For teachers who have already completed the workshop and want another school visit please contact Amie Cox for scheduling. We do prioritize first year teachers but would love to visit classrooms for a reboot if the schedule allows.

Best regards,

Jasmine Reading

School Programs Specialist

Red Butte Garden

Opportunities for Professional Learning

UMC (Utah Montessori Council) 17th Annual January 31/February 1

UMLA (Utah Middle Level Association) Annual Conference, Feb.1

UAEYC (Utah Association for the Education of Young Children), Weber State University, March 27, 28 2020

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2 Staff Meeting 3:30-5:00pm (Mandatory for all staff)

3 PLC Meetings (Mandatory for full-time staff)

6 MAPA Meeting @ 8:45am

9 SIT Meetings

9 Elementary Concert & Schoolwide Art Show @ 5:30pm

10 PLC Meetings (Mandatory for full-time staff)

10 Box Top Store (11:00am-1:00pm)

11 Junior High Concert @ 5:30pm

12 Lockdown Drill

12 Junior High Play @ 5:30pm

16 Elementary Progress Report Due (hardcopy to Lana and parents)

16 Advisory Meeting

17-19 Elementary Parent-Teacher Conferences; Early Release

17-19 Book Fair/ PTC Meals provided for teachers/staff

17 Junior High PLC (Mandatory for full-time staff)

20 Professional Development; No School

TBD Box Top Store (11:00am-1:00pm)

23-31 Winter Break; No School

ICYMI - Click here for the October 7th N&B

I emailed N&B instead for the week of October 14th.